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Making things sexier in bed isn't the only goal. If you two are into dirty talk, it can alter your relationship and even your sex life. Unbelievably, even though it appeals to both of them, many couples never engage in dirty talk. Naturally, the majority of it is motivated by fear. They don't want to offend their partner or sound foolish. They simply lack the necessary knowledge to complete the task. They ought to, though. You ought to! You two may enjoy having sex more if you talk dirty. Additionally, you can discover a lot about your partner's interests, which will enhance your relationship. Of course, your relationship will also flourish when your sexual life does.

Start by flirting with your partner

Start by making fun of or flirting with your partner while you're out with them if you don't know how to start the dirty talk. Ask your partner if they can recall your first sexual encounter. That's a good way to engage in dirty conversation while simultaneously reflecting. You can start dirty talking by asking your partner a few inappropriate questions.

Have erotic conversations

Dirty talk can be started in erotic conversations very effectively. Ask your partner what they would do in a hypothetical situation that you have created. Ask your partner, for instance, what they would do to you if you two were just friends with intense sexual tension and you both passed out in their room while wearing nothing. Your partner's mind will follow if you let your imagination wander to the most bizarre and untamed locations! More useful link